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How To Create Webinars That Sell

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Here is the webinar pitch outline:

Introduction Section

Immediate Interaction, Induce Greed, Chip Away Objections Establishing Authority

Content Section

The “One Thing” Road Map, Action Through Imagination, Cement Authority, Dismantle Objection, Results In Advance, Agree, Commit, Tie-down, Validation Vs. Declaration, Show, Not Just Tell.

Transition Section

60 minutes in 60 seconds, Create Yes momentum, Introduce “The Problem”, Do Them a Favor by Offering Them Something.

Close Section

Present Offer, Price to Offer Anchor With Scarcity, Bonus Stack, Destroy Objections, Risk Elimination, Controlled Q & A, The Kitchen Sink.

Believe it or not, almost every webinar Jason has scripted in the last two years – including the “famous” one that sold over a million dollars in a 24 hour period… followed this outline.

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Jan Tincher



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