“6 IN 6” :  $1.00 For 21 Days!

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“6 IN 6” :  $1.00 For 21 Days!

 Jason Fladlien’s & Wilson Mattos’
Fantastic Coaching Program
“6 IN 6” Coaching:  $1.00 For 21 Days!

Yes! $1.00 For 21 Days! A whole 21 days!  It’s a special offer for you through me, Jan Tincher!  The average person will never be able to join the 6-in-6 coaching program for any price. Why? Because it’s closed to the public.

I know you are busy, so here’s the link if you want to get right to it:  http://thisalsorocks.com/6in6/

Hello!  Thank you for coming to my site, http://jasonfladlienproducts.net/ .  I am Jan Tincher and I have been with Jason Fladlien for many years.  I am now one of his many affiliates, however I want to be his TOP affiliate!  With all you helping, I can be, and wouldn’t you like to be a part of that?  🙂

What do you think of this option of purchasing Jason’s and Wil’s “6 IN 6”?

And it is an option, you know?  You have the option to buy and KNOW what it’s like to work with Jason and succeed.  (Or you have the option to set on the sidelines and… well, set on the sidelines.)  I’ve gone through that phase several times, but I’m happy to say, thanks to Rapid Crush (Jason’s and Wil’s company) I have loved succeeding more than setting on the sidelines.  But then, don’t we all?  🙂

Now, assuming you decided to buy, don’t you wonder what would happen in 21 days after you purchased the “6 IN 6” coaching program?  Yes?  Where would you be?  What would you be doing?  After 21 days, what would you have put into place for your chosen path?  All of that is exciting!

So, to get right to it, here is what I really like about this fantastic coaching program.  It is a “fixed term continuity.”  Which means that after you complete your trial, if you stay with the program for 6 months you “graduate” – which means every future session they do (and they do one every two weeks) you will get for free.

For as long as they run this program!

And here’s what else: If you want a coach, a support network, and leaders who have put everything they are teaching you into practice, then that just makes the deal soooo much better!

Try it out for only ONE DOLLAR and see for yourself!

Start Your $1 Trial Now – Click Here

Can you go from ZERO To 6 Figures In 6 Months!?  Sure you can… If you follow the guidelines, put their coaching into practice, and make good use of the support network (which is the best – bar none!) your future is golden.

Here is one thing we’re almost certain of …

You WILL Recoup Your FULL Investment Rather Quickly!

Start Your $1 Trial Now – Click Here! 

You will love it!

Jan Tincher


P.S. As you know, I am working on becoming Jason’s NUMBER ONE TOP AFFILIATE. So you can believe me when I say Thank you very much for your purchase. I appreciate YOU!  Again, here is the link for 6-in-6 Coaching.  http://thisalsorocks.com/6in6/


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